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Wise Video Review

Wise is a French based scooter apparel company. They have been working on a full length video for two years now. It is a 47 minute full length featuring Martin André, Travis House, Balthazar Neveu, Alexis Cuvillier, Jules Couderc, Antoine Delcampe and Arthur Blond, with a friends section including prominent American pro riders.
Compared to the amount of time and money everybody put into this video to make it happen they are never going to break even, so for you to spend only five dollars to view two years of their hard work isn’t much to ask. Go buy this video. www.wisescootering.com


A traditional intro bail montage was mixed in with a few introduction clips for each rider in the film. I wish I could understand what the audio was in the very beginning, because it was a French voice over to the intro of the song and there were shots that seemed specific to it.

Alexis Pedro Cuvillier

When the part started it definitely signified that this was a French based video. Feeble, smith, fakie feeble, hurricane, and a tap in most ledge combos. Alexis is a ledge technician. His two song part started with overlaid images of African people in a village, which I donʼt really understand the meaning of. I was impressed mostly by some of the clips where he does board slides on really tall long rails, which is what his part opens up with.

Travis House

This part was the part I was anticipating the most when hearing about this video. It was refreshing to see modern day Travis House footage. He pulls off things in the streets that usually don’t work: pegs, turndowns, and tabletops. I wouldnʼt want to see it any other way. His trick selection is completely original to to himself, solving the problem of what to do at spots with pure creativity. The song combined with that made me want to go out and ride, exactly what a part should do.

Antoine Delcampe

Apart from a few of the clips, this part blended in with every other French rider. This guy needs taller bars. I liked the 360 grab out of a feeble, I donʼt see that much. Antoine reminds me of a young Maxime Legrand.


As a possibly Israeli, or some middle eastern type song started playing, the friends section began. The usual French riders like JD had footage, along with footage of American riders such as Dan Barrett, Matt Mckeen, Greg Cohen, and even some surprising clips of Matt Ogle and Andy Bradford. I wish there were subtitles of who was riding, because I only recognized one third of the people.

Balthazar Neveu

Balthazar has been around since the absolute beginning. He has also been making full length scooter videos since then. This was a two song part, but it would have been more successful if it was only the second song with that footage. The first part wasnʼt needed. I was impressed by all the half cab combos. So far this part had the most variety of locations, France, Australia, and America. The australian spots and the tricks at them were my favorite out of all these locations.

Arthur Blond

I am guessing Arthur didnʼt have enough footage because the part was so short. I was getting into it, and then it ended. Would have liked to have seen more footage of him.

Jules Couderc

Jules rides really fast which is always good. There is so much energy in the way he charges into high speed grinds. The bar spin to nose grab clips were surprising, I donʼt see that trick ever anymore. This is the third time out of three people I have seen somebody board slide the same rainbow rail thing. The editor should have picked only one person to have that in their part.

Martin Andre

Martin definitely deserved last part. There were so many clips, and each one so crazy to comprehend if only viewed once. Like Balthazar, if he had a one song part instead of two and threw away some of his footage it would have been better, but it still held up. His flat ground trick ability was like he was playing scoot, but doing the tricks in high speed lines and landing them clean.


Traditional bloopers montage. I like the text used, the grey color was not legible when it was overlaid in some of the clips though.



Production Value40
Riding Ability100
Overall 67.5%

Overall 80% - I was impressed with the riding ability. The trick selection for most of the french riders blended together with that traditional style of feeble smith tap tricks on ledges. Wise has room to grow and what they have made is a terrific start to their presence in the scooter industry. Production Value 40% - The whole film was made with DSLRʼs. These cameras are photo cameras with a minor video feature. Unless you have a superb steady hand, and knowledge of videography these cameras do not look good when used. Every fisheye shot was extremely shaky. In almost every line the camera would violently shake each time the filmer took a push. Most of the long lens shots were filmed handheld, using follow focus that was never really in focus. In the night long lens shots, there was an on camera video light set on a video handle laid on the ground in the shot. This makes it look very amateur, when these clips could have just been filmed fisheye with an on camera light. The ability of the filmers really took away from the riding and overall feel of the video for me. I would suggest buying video cameras, not photo cameras, getting a fluid head tripod, or contracting out an actual videographer when working on future films. Riders filming other riders can only go so far when you are trying to film a full length video for a company. This gave me the vibe that it was just a homie video not for a company. The motion graphics however looked professional. I loved the cartoon illustrations of all the riders and things that relate to them that would be displayed before everyones part started. Because these were so well done, they didnʼt fit with the amateur filming so it was a strange contrast. Riding Ability 100% - These tricks are pushing the limits of technical freestyle scooter riding. Soundtrack 50% - I liked half of the songs used, but everybody's song fit their riding style.