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TSI In Portland Interview

Travis House and Greg Cohen met up at the TSI headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The Portland scooter scene is growing. From this video we can see the massive, flowing concrete skateparks, and the mossy, unique street spots.

TSI is stepping their media presence up by making high quality videos like this one. With some of the best decks on the market they have a bright future ahead of them.

Greg Cohen

Have you seen the TV show Portlandia? It makes me want to go to Portland, I have never been.

Nah, Iʼve actually never watched that show. Iʼve heard about it though. You should go to Portland, itʼs pretty sick out there. Lots of good food & hill bombs!

When I have been on trips with you, you ride from the morning into the night. You have a lot of clips that you obviously worked very hard for in this video. How do you keep going?

Yeah, gotta stay mobbin 24/7! I dunno what keeps me going, I feel like it has something to do with the fact that Iʼve never owned a car. Iʼm always skating, or riding around, so its just what I know. Iʼm always looking for spots, trying to think of anything I could do on them. Itʼs kinda like graffiti, too. If you film a clip on a spot, youʼre forever written into the history of the spot. I just dig that.

The main locations you ride in are New York City and Philadelphia. Is Portland a different environment for riding compared to them?

Portland is a lot different than New York or Philly. All the spots are really strange. On the east coast you can usually classify a spot because they look like other spots (I.E: philly steps, bump-2-bars, cellar doors, ledges, etc). but in Portland you roll up to a spot, and youʼre just standing there looking at it, thinking “… What the fuck IS this thing?” I donʼt know how to explain it other than that, haha.

Travis House

Are you living in portland now?

Yeah man, I live in a camper next to the TSI workshop helping Matt out with anything and everything. Itʼs awesome here, lots of really chill people. All the cops or security Iʼve run into have been really respectful and polite which Iʼm not used to at all.

There are a variety of skateparks and street spots in the video. How long did it take to film this video?

We shot the whole thing in the span of about a week and a half maybe. A few days in Portland and a trip to the coast. Some of my clips are from back home in St. Johnʼs that I wanted to use before. I didnʼt get as much Portland footy as I needed, so that kinda doesnʼt count.

I loved seeing new footage of KC Corning in the video. How is it being able to ride for a company that he started? I am sure you looked up to him as you were growing up riding because I know I did.

Itʼs pretty crazy, KC has been a household name in Scooters for as long as Iʼve been involved and he has stories upon stories about the good old days. I have a lot of respect for him and Iʼm stoked he is still able to be involved with scooters after all this time. He still has the classic KC style and watching him flow a park is a religious experience for sure.