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Top 10 of the Month – June 2016

It’s street jam season and what better way to prep than re-watching the previous street jam videos. For more information on the upcoming events, check out our events and competition section! Moreover, here’s the Top 10 Scooter Videos for June 2016. Enjoy!

10. The 2016 Philly Street Jam

Philadelphia’s first street jam was a biggie. The mob of scooters that attend had a wild push from spot to spot. However, they had a sublime time at each of them. Riders from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, attended the jam. Even Shia LaBeouf showed up! Have a look for yourself.

9. - 0utset Select -

The Fillen Crew hooked up Outset Select with a rad street/park mashup. It’s packed with sensational tricks and good vibes. Don’t miss it! Big ups to the Fillen Crew.


This year’s London Street Jam was a success! Jake Hughes & Cam Huzar from Command Crew captured the entire event for the crowd. Cheers to Brad Ackermann for leading the jam. Hit play to witness the madness.

7. Joe Armstrong | Web Edit 2016

Do you remember Joe Armstrong? Of course you do! Joe’s still in the game with his perfect balance of tech and control. His new video for Crisp Scooters is super good. Keep it up, Joe!


On March 6th, 2016, Friendly held the first Sydney Street Jam. The turnout was unbelievable! Each spot was chaos and everyone loved it. The Friendly crew knows how to throw a jam. Good job, boys!


After the London Street Jam V3, the AO squad had a short-lived event for the people and hooked them up with cash for bangers. Everyone threw down and had a great time. The London scene is fierce. Watch the recap video below!

4. common already

Outset Select launched their YouTube channel with a video titled “Common Already,” which features Jonas Johnson from Marquette, Michigan. This is a quick outlook on Jonas. His new video will be worth the wait!

3. Josh

We recently had the benefit of viewing something that only comes once in a blue moon. That is Josh Young footage. Josh has a timeless style and he’s developed a reputation for tech-wizardry and classic tricks. Cherish this video along with the rest of this month’s lineup.

2. Clutch

John Cottle aka Jcott officially introduces his apparel company “Clutch Originals” with a fresh-baked full-length video! New York, Jersey, Philly, hip hop, camo pants, spot selection and tech-wizardry. “Clutch” is about as East Coast as you’re gonna get. It features full parts from Hep Greg, Shawn McHugh, Trevor Pritchard, and Logan Fuller. Check it out!


Scooter Resource is proud to announce “RELAPSE” for the top video of June 2016. Satori returned with a new video, new apparel, and a new rider. Jack Colston along with Kirk Svensson, Jon Archer, Kevin Austin, Jordan Jasa, Issac Miller, Tom Kvilhaug, Tommy Daddono, Justin Lacosse, Brian Chavez, Jack Chaney, and Dylan Kasson are featured in “RELAPSE.” This video checks all the boxes. Solid team, excellent videography, and ridiculous maneuvers. Well done!

It’s always tough deciding what video’s are good enough to be added to this list. The video order was based on the tricks, filming, editing, song choice and of course, my opinion. What would you have chosen from this month to be on the list, what should’ve been dropped from the list, and what would’ve been your top three? Let us know down below!