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Top 10 of the Month – September 2016

It’s still summer in the Top 10 of September! There’s a handful of summer videos in September’s lineup, along with trip videos, welcome videos, and more! The number one video is a special one. Stay tuned for the Top 10 of October!


Tommy Daddono, Richard Harck, and Chris Doyle from Outset Select visited New York in the beginning of September to ride with ScooYork. Riders from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida visited as well. Nonetheless, they had a super crew that week. Tommy made a really good video with the content he captured in the city of New York. It’ll make you want to ride NYC without a doubt. Watch the video above for the full experience.


Chicago is the place to be in the summer. Everyone takes time off for that one week to ride and lime in Chicago, excluding the street jam. You’re blowing it if you’re not there. Outset Select made a park mix of all the park rides that happened before and after the jam. It’s very enjoyable. Reece Doezema did so many memorable tricks in this video. Let’s face it, Reece can do anything. See you all in Chicago next summer!

8. Ethic DTC welcomes Elliott Arnold

Ethic DTC is proud to welcome Elliott Arnold to the team with this video. In addition to Ethic DTC, Elliott also rides for Black Pearl Wheels, Affinity, The Scooter Farm, and All Is Possible. This is only a preview of what Elliott has in store. The Ethic DTC team is stacked. Congratulations, Elliott!

7. Helmeri Pirinen Summer 2016

Despite dealing with a few injuries over the summer, Helmeri Pirinen cooked up an innovative video for District Scooters. This is the kind of video that makes you look at spots from a whole new perspective. Helmeri reminds us that there are no rules in scootering. The choice is yours.

6. Nick Donatelli Signature Bar Promo

Nick “The Don” Donatelli has a signature handle bar supplied by Affinity, along with a bar promo, which he’s been working on for quite some time. This promo takes me back to 2010, where Nick threw himself down everything in sight. Nick’s on top of his game right now and there’s no stopping him. Congratulations homie!

5. Rogue Wheels | Dan Barrett 2016

Rogue Wheels are now available worldwide! Owner and Pro Rider Dan Barrett teamed up with videographer Evan Yoh to form the first video part for Rogue Wheel Co. In case you didn’t know, Rogue is the first 3 piece wheel in freestyle scootering. Throughout the course of 2015 and 2016, Dan tested the Ultrex, Gummy, and Ripper wheels in the city streets of Russia, France, United Kingdom, Shanghai, Spain, and America. The wheels are holding up quite well, as you can see in Dan’s new part. He put a tremendous amount of work into this part and it’s definitely worth watching. Keep it up, Dan!

4. Justin Phillips | Summer 2016

No matter what’s going on, Justin Phillips is always on the hunt for footy. Justin pushed himself harder than ever this summer and released his 5th video of the year for AO Scooters. He’s on a roll! Justin is repping the East Coast heavy in this one.

3. Tom Kvilhaug: Welcome to TheCoCrew

Tom Kvilhaug’s “Welcome to TheCoCrew” part is live! Tom has been a part of TheCoCrew ever since he moved to Denver, Colorado. TheCoCrew includes Adam Cordova, Andrew Cordova, Keelan McDorman, Issac Miller, Ian Herncjar, and Tom Kvilhaug. Living in a city with people that ride as much as you do is the best, especially in this day and age. The motivation to stay active and film will come freely. Anyway, stop what you’re doing and watch Tom’s new part. It’s full of jaw-droppers and rewind moments, containing a totally mind-boggling ender. Well done, Tom!

2. TGE Northwest Bound Trip Video

PROTO and the rest of the TGE crew from California drove up the Pacific Coast to attend the first ever Portland Street Jam and the annual Seattle Street Jam. Throughout their journey, they hit a few spots and parks, chilled at the TSI BBQ, bombed some hills, explored and camped next to a river. They definitely made the most of their trip. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the 25 minute trip video above!

1. FAM HUNGRY (Full Length)

Scooter Resource is proud to announce “Fam Hungry (Full Length)” for the top video of September 2016. After two and a half years of filming and patiently waiting, Fam Hungry presents their self titled full length, “Fam Hungry.” It features full parts from Clay Muche-Williams, Zeidon White, James Scown, Kaysee Lang, Jordan Turner, Marshall Smith, Kristopher Tilley, Dan McCormack, Guy Perrett, Regan Thompson, Nathan Fleming, and Reece Jones. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every part of Fam Hungry. This video will stand the test of time.

It’s always tough deciding what video’s are good enough to be added to this list. The video order was based on the tricks, filming, editing, song choice and of course, my opinion. What would you have chosen from this month to be on the list, what should’ve been dropped from the list, and what would’ve been your top three? Let us know down below!