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Top 10 of the Month – May 2016

Summer 2016 is officially in session! Get ready for a heat wave of videos, news, products, and more. The Top 10 Scooter Videos for May 2016 is sure to stoke your fire for the summer. Have a look at the lineup below!


Reece Jones is back like he never left. Fam Hungry provided a brief video of Reece shredding a park with his recovered wrist. Reece ft. The Beatles, it doesn’t get much better than this. Cheers to recover.


On May 28th, the city of Austin was successfully trounced by scooters, for the third time. From mini spots to substantial spots, the tricks never end. Thank you, Texas.

8. CORY VAN LEW | Black Roses

Cory Vanlew represents “Black Roses.” Content from Cory is rare nowadays, so cherish every second of this. “Black Roses” is loaded with style, steeze, and a fine tune. Keep it real.

7. Tanner Wilson Closer

Tanner Wilson knows his way around scooters, security guards, and good ol’ sunny California. It’ll be no surprise if he makes it to the pro ranks. Keep an eye out for more from Tanner.

6. Ryan Ruegg | Europe

After nine long weeks in Europe, Ryan Ruegg aka Badgerclit comes through with a bangin’ five minute video from his expedition. There’s a ton of mind-boggling maneuvers, along with a handful of b-roll. Only good comes from Ryan.


The Peachy Crew has done it again! Another well made full-length video from Phoenix, Arizona. “Flaccid Flop” features full parts from Sam Thomas, Anthony Rowe, Zach Hamrick, Jack Chaney, Brandon Engers, Alex Steadman, Gerren Ford, Chad Highsmith, Austin Corbett, Cole Ceeb Ginter, Daniel Cardenas, and Collin Niesen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy “Flaccid Flop.” See more of the Peachy Crew at www.austincorbettphoto.com!

4. Root Industries Welcomes | Dylan Ryan

Dylan Ryan is undisputedly making his way up the ranks. We’ve watched him progress since the beginning of the year and now he’s earned a spot on Root Industries. Well deserved. Dylan is changing the game with his scooter fakies, street flips, wall rail aka creeper rail grinds, and switch tricks. This is a video to remember.


Jack Dauth joins the UrbanArtt Australian team with his fluid style and limitless trick selection. His welcome video is gnarly. Jack delivers an unpredictable, full power assault, from start to finish. Videos are really heating up now. This is definitely one for the books. Congratulations Jack!

2. Kevin Austin - Downside Scooters

Kevin Austin’s new video for Downside broke the internet! It’s going down in history. Style and trick selection are in full supply. Not only can Kevin string together tricks in a line that most people would be satisfied with as a single trick, but he can make them look super clean and effortless as well. This video part also locked in a spot for Kevin on River Wheel Co. Get ready to have your mind blown.

1. Mike Hohmann x Brian Noyes

Scooter Resource is proud to announce “Mike Hohmann x Brian Noyes” for the top video of May 2016. Mike & Brian have been traveling all over the US filming for this Trendkill part since 2014. They work together, feed off each other, and keep it gnarly. This video will stand the test of time.

It’s always tough deciding what video’s are good enough to be added to this list. The video order was based on the tricks, filming, editing, song choice and of course, my opinion. What would you have chosen from this month to be on the list, what should’ve been dropped from the list, and what would’ve been your top three? Let us know down below!