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Top 10 of the Month – August 2016

Summer is coming to an end, but the videos continue to flow! Looking back, this summer has been a success. A handful of street jams and competitions occurred, and a great deal of videos was released. Summer of ’16 couldn’t have been better.

10. JonColin Senka for AO

Alpha Omega welcomes JonColin Senka to the team! JonColin is from Oklahoma, but he filmed his entire welcome video in Europe. It’s gnarly. He goes big, he goes fast, but he also has the technical touch along the coping. Congrats JonColin!

9. Chris Pollak for Shop Mothership

Canadian rider Chris Pollak is now a part of Shop Mothership! Chris is fully on the radar, but is still very low key. His style, trick and spot selection are righteous. I can’t wait to see more from him.

8. Dylan Connell - Lifeboat Scooters

Dylan Connell released his Lifeboat part earlier than expected due to a shoulder injury. However, it’s Dylan first video part ever and he’s stoked on it. You should be stoked as well. From one clip to the next, there’s no telling what Dylan is going to pull out of his bag of tricks in this part.

7. Lucky Scooters | Blake Bailor | Signature Wheel Promo

It’s been a minute, but like seeing an old friend, it’s awesome to know Blake Bailor’s still out there sending bri-flips, being a dad, and representing Lucky. Blake recently dropped a two minute video to promote his signature Lucky wheel and it’s a good one. His footy is rare nowadays, so add this video to your favorite playlist.

6. Richie Cook

AO Scooters welcomes Richie Cook to the team! At only 16 years old, Lil Richie has already developed a reputation for fearless behavior, style, and progression. This young buck from New Jersey is on the path to stardom.

5. Wise Nordic Tour

Wise toured a few Nordic countries back in May. They’re going back to visit sooner rather than later. Their 10 day tour video features Martin André, Jules Couderc, and Balthazar Neveu. They attended 9 demos including a vert ramp event and the Horsens Street Jam. Tour videos are always enjoyable.


Friendly Griptape is now available! The crew filmed a park video at Mona Vale to hype y’all up! It features Kevin Austin, Jon Archer, Darcy Altavilla, Jarrad Smith, Trevor Dubber, Aaron Bransdon, and Jackson Manzie. I’m stoked to see fresh footy of Manzie. It’s been a minute.

3. Tommy Christiana | Web Edit 2016

From Europe to the East Coast, Tommy Christiana has been stacking footy left to right. This 2016 release goes hard. Tommy takes his unlimited flat ground tricks to parks and spots, and the result it unreal.

2. The Syndicate Street Store Video

Syndicate Street Store is a rider owned and operated scooter shop from Brisbane, Australia. Syndicate’s introductory video features Regan Thompson, Keedan Mitchell, Clay Williams, and Reece Jones in the streets of Brisbane. This is one of my favorite videos right now. It’s packed with extraordinary tricks and good tunes.

1. SR Exclusive: Speak Easy | Speak Apparel Full Length

Scooter Resource is proud to announce “Speak Easy” for the top video of August 2016. Speak Apparel’s second full length scooter video, “Speak Easy” is definitely one for the books. Two years of hard work and dedication was put into this video. It features Nate Gendron, Bobby Pantano, Michael Mankong, Justin Paquette, Dennis Levesque, Ben Bursell, Brian Griffin, and other good friends. Enjoy!

It’s always tough deciding what video’s are good enough to be added to this list. The video order was based on the tricks, filming, editing, song choice and of course, my opinion. What would you have chosen from this month to be on the list, what should’ve been dropped from the list, and what would’ve been your top three? Let us know down below!