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The Tilt Video Review

The Tilt video has almost hit the shelfs and I got a copy ahead of time so I could do this review. Most of the people on the team havenʼt put out much footage in two years because all of their efforts have been going to this video. It was good to finally see everybody’s footage after so long.

There will be no spoiler alerts in this because all the people involved deserve for you to go and buy it instead of hear about it. My opinion is, well my opinion. You’re going to have to watch it and see what you think, but in the meantime heres what I thought of it.


The shots were chosen carefully and led into the video well. Conor did some sort of editing to make some of the footage look like 16mm film which was interesting.

Issac Miller

I was expecting Issacʼs part to be the last part but it started the video off with a bang. Seeing Issac ride in person is different than in a video part because all the things he is doing in his video part he would just do in lines in a regular session. He rides really fast but still does technical tricks. It was cool to see him getting older and being able to command the scooter.

Jordan Jasa

Jordan has been able to translate his technical ability into being able to tackle anything. He also got a few clips in dress slip ons somehow. The amount of footage he had was condensed into a good representation of all the things he can do. The balance on all the backwards manuals was really impressive.

Josh Young

You can tell when somebody has been on a scooter for half of their life. Josh looks more natural riding a scooter than walking. I feel like sometimes older riders get stuck doing what has worked for them trick wise. Seeing Josh do backwards manuals, and jumping down stairs again was the exact opposite of that. He took this video part as an opportunity to progress his riding.

Jon Archer

I was glad Jon had a part because there was talk that he wasnʼt going to have one because he was using some of his footage for the LUX full length video. The song didnʼt fit his riding style, but his riding made up for it. I liked seeing spots that werenʼt in Australia in his part because it was a change of scenery from the video parts I always watch of him.


The friends section didnʼt have many people, but I am assuming they wanted to keep it brief. Iʼm glad Collin finally allowed people to film him so he could have a small part. He has never made a video so to most people he was a mysterious figure that owned the company. It must feel good to own a scooter company and then be able to have clips in the video of your own scooter company.

Tyler Wheeland

The selection of clips in Tylerʼs part was good because like Josh, he expanded his riding style. When Tyler started filming for this video he would have never dreamed to be soaring over bump to bars, but he pushed himself. There were less wall rides than I expected, and the ones that were in it were completely valid because they were so crazy.

Robert Mcmoran

When Robert changed his riding style he didnʼt have much footage out. It seemed like the only people who knew about the rampage he was on was the group of people he would ride with. I am glad that his footage could come out and give people a sense of how drastically different and better his riding has become. Heʼs young so I am excited to see more because he has plenty of time left to produce more video parts.

Tom Kvilhaug

Tom had the most raw footage so I was wondering if he was going to have a two part song. It ended up being one part of quick clips. I had to watch it more than once to process all the tricks that happened.

Erik Feenstra

Erik got the last part and did it without sweating or showing any signs of emotion. The balance on his nose manuals and the precision he has with riding rails is amazing.


A feel good compilation that gets me excited for the next video.



Production Value85
Riding Ability90
Overall 85%

Overall 95%: I have never seen a better scooter video than this one. Better is always possible though. Production Value 85%: It showed the amount of time and money put into this video. Tilt went on real filming trips which is a concept most companies are unaware of. They filmed for two years and the footage didnʼt get stale. The editing was decent, I noticed a lot of tiny things like clips not being timed to the beat of music, source clip audio being too loud, and minimal color correction. Soundtrack 70%: A lot of the songs didnʼt fit with the persons riding. I would enjoy listening to the music by itself, or seeing it in a part that it fits in. Riding Ability 90%: Itʼs not all camera work, the tricks in this video are pushing the boundaries of modern street riding.