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Tilt in Michigan

The Tilt team congregated in the Midwest for the upcoming Chicago street jam. Before the jam they took a trip to Collin Snoekʼs hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Much like any other small Midwest towns, Grand Rapids was a city completely isolated from the scooter community, yet still had spots that were worth the trip. Going to towns like this for riding is more of an adventure because you are constantly seeking new spots. Your options are wide to do tricks because the spots have never been touched before.

While looking for spots we stopped by an abandoned factory.
Everybody was looking left and right, taking in the massive interior space.

Jona and Tom almost made it to the ceiling on a maze of rusty steel ladders.

Everything was covered in a layer of black dust.
Jona and Tom clean each other up.

The lights go on as Collin Snoek gets behind the camera.

Even in the night the humidity was blazing. Tom battled a trick for a couple hours in it.

The aftermath of the battle, a success, but absolute exhaustion.

Tom never landed this but this spot got destroyed by the whole team. This was a spot we saw out of the corner of our eyes around a corner, whipped the van around and stumbled upon a one of a kind spot.

Everything that could be done was done, time to head out.

Right next to the bump to bar we heard loud engines and we happened to be next to a motorcycle gangs club house.
Collin got in the burnout zone for the footage.

We found an abandoned pool and decided to light it up.
The water slide was a good angle for watching people ride.

The deeper end was pretty gross.

The lights go on.

We ended up getting shut down by the cops, which was no surprise because we were a giant lit up beacon in a pitch black park.
They ended up letting us go with no problem, which was a relief. Jordan was bummed he couldnʼt get his trick.

On the way back home we stopped at a spot and Josh Young grinded this table. Everybody else got over it because it moved a lot, but Josh kept going.

The team packed back in the van and headed to Mokena. The Chicago street jam was only a couple days away. If any other riders travel to Grand Rapids, they are going to have a hard time choosing a trick on all the spots we went to. Thanks to Collin Snoek and his parents for giving us a place to stay and cooking meals for us.