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Tilt Barbecue 2014

The Tilt Barbecue is an event which is held annually in Mokena, Illinois the day before the Chicago street jam. The location is only known by word of mouth. Every year the turn out is a surprise, because the location of the Tilt shop isnʼt written everywhere online. What ends up happening is a get together of the best pro street riders in the world to ride some ramps in a parking lot. Combined with free hot dogs and burgers, this is a fun, relaxing time every year to catch up with people you havenʼt seen in awhile and ride scooters. This years ramp quantity got a serious upgrade from last year. Last year there was a grind box and flat bar. This year there was an a frame, grind box, fire hydrant, and multi level grind box.

There was an unofficial meet up at Mokena skatepark before everybody got to the barbecue at 7pm.
The heaviest of hitters were packed into a small fenced in area that could hardly contain the shredding that was going on.

Chema Cardenas is a peg rail master.

Alex Steadman rode his motorcycle from Phoenix, Arizona and soared this tabletop.

Super crew stuck in a super tiny skatepark. Good session guys.

Zach Johnson and Tom Kvilhaug rolled up in style to the barbecue. When we got there at 7pm the parking lot was already full of people.

Issac Miller never stops riding and I caught him doing an alley oop 180 over the a frame rail.

Erik Deptula starts off a grind combo on the two box setup.

Kevin Austin came all the way from Sydney, Australia and was doing perfectly executed trick after trick.

Tom Kvilhaug is always the designated grill master of Tilt barbecues.

The sun went down and Cameron Poe nailed this board whip board.

Everybody that was at the barbecue signed this Chicago street jam laminated poster that is going to be hung in the shop. Now itʼs an unforgettable piece of history.

Justin Lacosse showed up with a beard and was having fun riding like he always does.

After the a frame had been ridden so hard that it seemed as if there was no trick left that could be possibly be done, people started packing up. The lights went out and everybody got in their car, excited for the next morning when they would push into Chicago and see an even larger group of riders.