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The Satori Interview

The Satori is a new scooter apparel company started by Chicago, Illinois based rider Kirk Svensson. I am interested in companies like The Satori because it shows that if scooter riders want to do something they can create it on a budget of almost nothing. Companies like this are made out of the desire to create something. We all hang out and ride scooters, but when we put our resources together we can create something to inspire other riders.
I am attracted to the designs and videos because they break the rules of what we perceive as scooter apparel, and scooter videos. Whether it is successful or not, innovation is key in the sport of scooter riding, not just in the actual riding. So I thought of some questions to ask my good friend Kirk, to promote his upcoming company, and to find out the answers that many people are left with after watching his videos.

“Through this name I express the idea that scootering should not be considered a sport, but rather an art, a physical art, much like dancing or martial arts.”

How did The Satori get started?

Well, the desire came from my interest in style and fashion and also wanting to express my ideas about scootering. I decided to combine the two together to create what is now Satori.

What does satori mean?

Satori is a Zen Buddhist term for the spiritual awakening or realization to what life truly is. Through this name I express the idea that scootering should not be considered a sport, but rather an art, a physical art, much like dancing or martial arts. A sport is a competition with a winner and loser, but scootering doesnʼt have that, well, with the exception of actual competitions. But really, scootering is all about doing rad tricks with style and just I donʼt see how that can be a sport, especially when most people film and edit, it really should only be considered an art.

What are your design influences?

The band Pink Floyd is most definitely the biggest influence over me. Along with that, Egyptians and anything dealing with space govern a lot of what I do.

The video editing style is distinct from other scooter videos where do you draw influence from for that?

Ok, to clear everything up, I am in no way attempting to copy the Jackson Casey style of editing. One day when Justin Lacosse and I where riding our local indoor, we decided to film and edit and when I asked Justin how I should edit it, he replied saying make it trippy. At this time I was getting super into XXYYXX and decided to use one of their songs and edited the “AsylumTrip” in a way that I thought was trippy and fit with the song. So thatʼs how it all started. I would be lying if I said Jackson Casey has no influence over me, but not completely. The Slap Skateboard Magazine videos also have a huge influence me along with Magenta videos and a lot of weird music videos.

“Enough of the competitions, the rankings, the world’s firsts. Scooter riding is much more than a sport. This is a movement, an epidemic, an art form. This is self expression. This is the Satori.”

Itʼs amazing that you do everything yourself. The designs, printing, and video editing. Companies with such low budgets like this could never survive unless there were people like you. Did you decide to learn all these things because of scootering?

I often throw my self into projects I know nothing about and go through a long learning process, and this case is no exception. I had no clue what I was getting my self into, but luckily everything turned out pretty rad.

You are so young yet are running a successful company. What can you say to people your age about working hard?

Figure out the highest quality product possible and shoot to reach it. Do not settle for less than the highest standard.

The Chicago scooter scene is my favorite to ride in. With all the good riders there, it must have been nice when choosing a team. How was the assembly of the team in the start?

The team started as homies and will always remain just homies.

What is you goal with making product? Is it by scooter riders for scooter riders? Is that always how you want to keep it?

Of course. Thatʼs the only way a scootering company should be run. I will always make my own product to the greatest extent possible and always support the scootering community.

There are a full line of t- shirts right now, what can we expect in future drops?

Good shit that will be kept on the down low. All you need to do is get hyped.

Any plans on more videos other than the ones introducing people to the team?

Just wait for that full length, it will be an experience.