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Newest Scooter Videos

Discover the latest pro scooter videos, clips, and web edits from top pro scooter riders across the globe at SR. Our video section is kept up to date by the infamous Michael Mankong, so you know you won’t be missing out on anything. If you’ve even paid the slightest bit of attention to any scooter videos over the last year you’ll know that the level of riding and the technicality of pro scooter tricks are progressing exponentially. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, or just want to learn some new scooter tricks, Michael Mankong will keep your mind fresh with the most recent videos from the best pro scooter riders in the world. Enjoy!

  • Stefan Hefner: Self Titled

    By Michael Mankong on February 11, 2016

    The long wait is over. Stefan Hefner’s brand-new video is ready to be watched over and over again. It’s eye-opening to see Stefan publicize such a groundbreaking video part for himself. Stefan was born to ride, and we’re beyond stoked to share with you this piece of solid gold. It’s remarkable. Great job, Stefan!

  • Jon Devrind “Peace East”

    By Michael Mankong on February 9, 2016

    As of today, Jon Devrind will be delivering his East Coast style to the West. Jon displays his East Coast love (and his rad-smooth-fun style) by filming a farewell video in and around New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Good luck in California Jon, the East will miss you deeply.

  • Eretic Snowscoot 2016

    By Michael Mankong on February 4, 2016

    Kevin Demay is a man of many departments such as French ID, Addict, Ethic DTC and more. Moreover, he’s the face behind Eretic Snowscoot. After modeling and designing for five years, Eretic is officially available to the public. You no longer have to put rigid boots for snow sports or carry a heavy and cumbersome equipment. Eretic is a true feeling of freedom.


    By Michael Mankong on February 3, 2016

    In the beginning of January, Juzzy Carter was flown to Southern California for the infamous SD10 competition by ScooterCon. Apart from SD10 being rescheduled, Juzzy filmed an outstanding video for Madd Gear. If you don’t know, Juzzy is a very talent street-based rider from Melbourne, Australia. It’s fascinating to watch him stomp his wild maneuvers on well-known California spots. Good job, Juzzy!

  • ISSAC MILLER 02/02/2016

    By Michael Mankong on February 2, 2016

    The following video is a gift from Ian Herncjar to Issac Miller. A full part of Issac dominating Denver, Colorado and beyond. It’s a combination of superior maneuvers and folk-rock that you’ll never forget. Happy birthday, Issac!

  • Sky High Presents: Reece Doezema

    By Michael Mankong on January 31, 2016

    Reece Doezema has always had a whirlwind of unique tricks in his bag including moves that have never been seen before or since. After 3 months of filming in Traverse City, Reece supplied Sky High with a 22 minute long honorable video. You are all in for a treat. Beyond the fact that he can do extraordinary maneuvers on his scooter, the best part about Reece’s approach is that it’s 100% unique. His style, creativity, and talent are a blessing. Thank you, Reece!


    By Michael Mankong on January 31, 2016

    UrbanArtt announces “The Primo V2” collaboration with Hella Grip in a striking promotional video. The video features Addison McNaughton, Jean Yves “JD” Randriambeslon and Javi Trepat in the streets of Barcelona. All terrain, all good. JD’s fakie whip over the bench was outrageous, plus the ender. Check it out!

  • Kai Saunders | Sydney x Canberra

    By Michael Mankong on January 31, 2016

    Kai Saunders covers Sydney and Canberra in his current video for Phoenix Pro Scooters. For a young guy, Kai has already established a legacy of amazing, fun-to-watch parts. He’s progressing faster than ever before. Keep it up, Kai!

  • TSI in the Bay

    By Michael Mankong on January 25, 2016

    Since SDX was postponed in such short notice, TSI decided to pop into Oakland at the Hella Grip HQ and find out what the Bay Area had to offer. Hep Greg, Nick Toigo, Chase Robertson, and Casey Corning collected a enough footage for a short but sweet outing video. Check it out!


    By Michael Mankong on January 25, 2016

    Hunter Bechtle kicks off 2016 with a coast to coast video for Elyts. With the support from Rudy Garcia, Hunter managed to catch a ton of clips in California, Pennsylvania, New York City, and his hometown, New Jersey. Hunter is a true all-terrain ripper. From big rails to steep stacks, and everything in between. Keep it up, Hunter!