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Newest Scooter Videos

Discover the latest pro scooter videos, clips, and web edits from top pro scooter riders across the globe at SR. Our video section is kept up to date by the infamous Michael Mankong, so you know you won’t be missing out on anything. If you’ve even paid the slightest bit of attention to any scooter videos over the last year you’ll know that the level of riding and the technicality of pro scooter tricks are progressing exponentially. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, or just want to learn some new scooter tricks, Michael Mankong will keep your mind fresh with the most recent videos from the best pro scooter riders in the world. Enjoy!


    By Michael Mankong on August 3, 2015

    The last and final part from Friendly’s LUX goes to Kevin Austin! Well deserved. Kevin is one of the top smoothest and consistent riders at this very moment. Everything about this part is great. The tricks, tune, filming, and can’t forget the editing by Sean Furze. The ender will make you go bananas. Keep it up, Kevin!

  • Helmeri Pirinen 2015

    By Michael Mankong on July 31, 2015

    Helmeri Pirinen came out of nowhere with this 2015 release. Helmeri’s footage is always original and unique. His mindset while riding is so creative. I enjoy how fast pasted his lines are and that he rides spot in ways that no one would. This video speaks for itself. Well done, Helmeri.

  • A Day at D-Block » Ryan Upchurch

    By Michael Mankong on July 31, 2015

    Ryan Upchurch recently went over to D-Block for a film session. D-Block is one of the many indoor parks in Oregon. The park looks sensational. I’ve seen a bunch of footage of Logan Fuller, Hep Greg, Chase Robertson, Dan Barrett, and others having a blast there. Ryan sent a lot of phenomenal tricks in this. The backflip double whip to fakie on the quarter was insane and very proper. Keep it up, Ryan!

  • Sky High Presents: Will Weske

    By Michael Mankong on July 31, 2015

    Sky High presents Will Weske. Will is truly is a great addition to the Sky High team. I never realize how gnarly he was until watching this video. He sends it big over everything. The “raillie” front 180 on the bump to bar was brutal. Congratulations Will!


    By Michael Mankong on July 29, 2015

    Ben Gaylard is on the come up! Since Ben is currently working on a video for the Kouv Krew, he decided to release all the footage that he previously collected. I wish he had a better camera guy to film all his gnarly tricks in this. The last minute of tricks were intense and vivid. The feeble to rotor whip to feeble combo was tight. Keep it up, Ben!

  • Phoenix Pro Scooters | Wilson Thomas

    By Michael Mankong on July 29, 2015

    Wilson Thomas is now apart of Phoenix. This was one wicked welcome video. A lot of impressive were nailed. I can’t wait to see where Phoenix will take him. I really like how he doesn’t lose his speed with his wild combos. The ender will make you lose it! Check it out.

  • Jon Reyes | 2015

    By Michael Mankong on July 27, 2015

    Jon Reyes’s new video for Envy is a masterpiece. This is not an ordinary edit from Reyes. In this 2015 release, Reyes filmed lines and performed his remarkable manual tricks at the perfect spots in California and New York. It gave me a taste of his PROTO days back in 2008. Good times, good times. Well done, Jon!


    By Michael Mankong on July 27, 2015

    Here’s Royce King’s part from Friendy’s LUX. Such an incredible video part by Royce. He can shred and huck himself over any sized gap. Each clip was above average. The frontside wallrides by him were unbelievably good. Also, the ender was gnarly. Royce is the king.


    By Michael Mankong on July 27, 2015

    The Scooter Farm has a mini park set up that’s super rad. Bryan Hillman filled us in with another enjoyable video. Featuring Zack Martin, Hunter Treviranus, Cameron Umphreyville, and Josh Young. Zack’s consistency is beyond expectation. The last couple of tricks by Zack were fascinating. Great video Bryan!

  • Issac Miller Thrash Resistant

    By Michael Mankong on July 27, 2015

    Dylan Kasson did a spectacular job filming, sound design, and editing Issac Miller’s thrash resistant video for Tilt. Issac demonstrates many attempts at a lengthy rail in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The part where Issac’s scooter bounced off the wall into his hands was crazy. The scooter assassin has lost this battle. Hopefully Issac go’s back and slays it.