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Newest Scooter Videos

Discover the latest pro scooter videos, clips, and web edits from top pro scooter riders across the globe at SR. Our video section is kept up to date by the infamous Michael Mankong, so you know you won’t be missing out on anything. If you’ve even paid the slightest bit of attention to any scooter videos over the last year you’ll know that the level of riding and the technicality of pro scooter tricks are progressing exponentially. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, or just want to learn some new scooter tricks, Michael Mankong will keep your mind fresh with the most recent videos from the best pro scooter riders in the world. Enjoy!

  • Forest x DVX x COMPVTER

    By Michael Mankong on August 29, 2016

    The Forest Boys took a big hit when Nick Garcia broke his leg, but Nicks back and the boys are better than ever. They’ve released two videos this summer, “Forest x DVX” and “Forest x COMPVTER.” They feature Matt Pittman, Nick Garcia, Ryan Ruegg, Alex Gordon, Mikey Pastore, Wayne O’Neil, Billy Stodolski, Steven Driscoll, Christian Giles, Lewis Hobbs, and Sean Sandy. Check ’em out!

  • Richie Cook

    By Michael Mankong on August 29, 2016

    AO Scooters welcomes Richie Cook to the team! At only 16 years old, Lil Richie has already developed a reputation for fearless behavior, style, and progression. This young buck from New Jersey is on the path to stardom. Watch this part, get hyped, then go scooter.

  • Lucky Scooters | Blake Bailor | Signature Wheel Promo

    By Michael Mankong on August 27, 2016

    It’s been a minute, but like seeing an old friend, it’s awesome to know Blake Bailor’s still out there sending bri-flips, being a dad, and representing Lucky. Blake recently dropped a two minute video to promote his signature Lucky wheel and it’s a good one. His footy is rare nowadays, so add this video to your favorite playlist. Bravo Blake!

  • Tommy Christiana | Web Edit 2016

    By Michael Mankong on August 27, 2016

    From Europe to the East Coast, Tommy Christiana has been stacking footy left to right. This 2016 release goes hard. Tommy takes his unlimited flat ground tricks to parks and spots, and the result it unreal. He recently moved to the West Coast, San Diego to be specific. Stay up-to-date with Tommy at (@t_christiana) on Instagram. Keep it up, Tommy!

  • the almanac #40

    By Michael Mankong on August 27, 2016

    Dylan Kasson released the 40th documentation to the Almanac series in June. It features the one and only David Veltum, along with Max Lemonds and Josh Smukal. Cheers to another Almanac!

  • The New York Observer

    By Michael Mankong on August 27, 2016

    “The New York Observer” is a short documentary on the East Coast scooter scene from yours truly. Earlier this year, we had a couple visitor in New York, such as Dylan Kasson, Johan Grunwald, Josh Smukal, and more. Continuing, I visited Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey before this summer. I’m always out and about. Stay tuned for more on my side channel, “Assassinscoot.”

  • Hella Good Stuff Trailer

    By Michael Mankong on August 16, 2016

    “Hella Good Stuff” is a full-length feature film representing the quickly growing Bay Area scooter scene. It features full parts from Aaron Ngo, Danila Popov, Jake Sorensen, Patrick Nyguen, Anton Abramson, Kevin Closson, David Coe, Ryan Myers, and Andrew Haag. The premiere is on Saturday, August 20th at Sunshine Brooks Theater. Show starts at 9:00 PM. Be there!

  • The Syndicate Street Store Video

    By Michael Mankong on August 2, 2016

    Syndicate Street Store is a rider owned and operated scooter shop from Brisbane, Australia. Syndicate’s new video features Regan Thompson, Keedan Mitchell, Clay Williams, and Reece Jones in the streets of Brisbane. This video is packed with extraordinary tricks and good tunes. Jordan Turner did a phenomenal job behind the camera and computer. Check it out!

  • Chicago Street Jam 2016

    By Michael Mankong on July 31, 2016

    This year’s Chicago Street Jam was one for the books, shout-out to Outset Select for the outstanding recap video. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported. See you next year!

  • Outset Presents: Kuba Klimczuk

    By Michael Mankong on July 20, 2016

    Outset Select welcomes Kuba Klimczuk to the family. Kuba is a young buck from Chicago, Illinois and has been under the radar for quite some time now. This welcome video showcases his progression over the past six months and it’s an instant classic. A simple yet smooth style can take you a long way. Congratulations Kuba!