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The Peachy Crew Interview

The Peachy Crew is a group of friends based in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The crew consists of Alex Steadman, Austin Corbett, Cole Ginter, Gerren Ford, and Collin Niesen. Two years ago individual parts introducing the crew were released on youtube by the filmer Austin Corbett. Alex Steadman was oblivious to the new group of riders on his home turf. After he saw the parts he contacted them and the Peachy Crew was finalized. Following the initial parts were a series of park montages and street throwaway montages.
On June 2, 2013 a trailer was uploaded announcing that the crew was going to make a full length titled “Honey and Jenkem”. This elevated them from guys in Arizona making short montages to making a full length video, which is a different level of dedication. After the full length came out the crew received more recognition than ever before, which has motivated me to do this article. Peachy is currently working on a new full length, and Cole Ginter is working on a new iPhone full length called CULATER.

Austin Corbett

Out of all the Woodward edits the Peachy ones depict the people who are having the most fun. Does the whole crew try to make it out to every Woodward West scooter week?

We always have fun making those videos because we never take park videos seriously so we just film whatever we want even if its really stupid or simple. I try to film as many friends as possible who wants clips in the video too because the point of going to Woodward is to ride with people who you only get to see a few times a year. So far we haven’t had the whole crew out there together at one time, but hopefully during the summer that will change because I know we will be trying to get away from the AZ summer as much as possible. Possibly a Peachy Week at Wooodward this summer? Too bad were not pro.

“..but when I get to ride and film with my best friends, then it is all worth it in the end.”

You are able to work, go to school, film, edit, and ride. How do you do it?

It is a lot of hard work trying to get all my school work finished while working on top of that. But when I get to ride and film with my best friends, then it is all worth it in the end. There are many late nights spent editing and doing homework, but thats what you gotta do, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve also been focusing a lot more on filming and photography, so I haven’t been riding as much. But I think that to get the best result from my videos and photos that I have to focus more on that than riding. I still love to ride when I can, but I have just as much fun being behind the lens.

What is the next major Peachy project coming up? Another full length?

Yes, another full length has been in the works since the release of H&J, we’ve got quite a bit of footage saved up so expect to be seeing a promo for that in the near future. We’ve taken a little more time filming this next full length then with H&J. It’s been over a year since we started filming, so I’m really stoked to see how it all turns out. Personally, I’m really excited for Collin’s part because he has been getting really creative lately, and everybody else’s clips will not disappoint either. In the meantime, I’m sure there will be some random park videos, and also expect an introduction for a new Peach to be added to the crew as well.

Gerren Ford

Is it difficult to get footage because you live in Tucson and the rest of the crew lives in Phoenix?

It’s definitely a lot harder for me to get footage living in Tucson, which is roughly 2 hours away from the rest of the crew. With school and work and the fact that I usually ride alone, I’m always stoked when I get the chance to go up and stay with the guys for a weekend.

I feel like you are always under the radar and I want to see that change. Are you trying to get noticed by companies or do you just ride for fun?

For myself it has always been about riding for fun, and enjoying the good times with rad dudes. I feel for myself and the rest of the guys that we enjoy this so much because we aren’t focused on any other incentives other than having fun, and enjoying scootering for what it has been for us since day one.

“We aren’t focused on any other incentives other than having fun, and enjoying scootering for what it has been for us since day one.”

Do you have any plans of moving out of Tucson?

I do plan on moving out of Tucson once I get my degree. Ideally I’d like to live in Phoenix for awhile and focus on work and a lot of riding with the crew, then make my way up to the Pacific Northwest.

Cole Ginter

Are you constantly working on extremely long cellphone videos starting with the letter C?

Well it’s actually “C U” as in “see you”, haha. Back when the hype for the Chicago jam started up, I wanted to comment “see you soon” on every post on social media that involved the chi jam. I decided to make it easier and shorten the phrase to “CUSOON”. Then after the jam, Collin and I wanted to jokingly make a cell phone full length film. Because of the hype from the jam, I named that movie CUSOON. Then my friends and I quickly realized that we can make many similar named videos such as CUL8R and coming soon, CUTHERE. I kinda film for these videos when I’m bored and feel like just filming scooters, although CUSOON was pretty serious. It’s become very fun actually. And I don’t try to make them really long on purpose, it just kinda happens because its pretty damn easy to get iphone clips.

You tore your ACL recently and now you are back at it. How has it been feeling?

As of February 5th, it has been one year past my surgery date. My knee actually feels great and I stopped riding with my brace now too. It’s crazy because after the swelling went down in my leg the brace started to hurt my knee. So I’m just glad I can scooter now.

What is your favorite Chris Farley movie?

My favorite Chris Farley movie is Beverly Hills Ninja forsureeeeeeeeee!

Collin Niesen

You recently started to ride transition. Do you prefer it more than street now? An all tranny part would be cool if it was done right.

Ya, I always used to want to ride tranny a lot, but I never had the balls to. Recently I just decided to go for it and it was the most fun thing I have ever done. No, I love street just as much as transition. I would love to make an all tranny part and I have been thinking about it a lot recently. So expect something soon. It would have to be done a certain way, i have thought about it a lot and I know what I want to do. It should be pretty good and done right.

Are you really moving to New York?

Yes, my girlfriend and I are supposed to move in September.

Who is Brittany?

Haha Brittany is my drunk alter-ego that my friends gave to me. They call me Brittany because I used to act like a “white girl” when I got drunk.

Alex Steadman

You just dropped a lengthy all night part for your signature wheels and SCS. Did you just go out with the crew periodically at night to get it done?

Once summer comes around we all become nocturnal, so I almost didn’t even have to try any harder to get night clips. I realized that night clips look really cool, and by the time I decided to make the Cosmos edit one hundred percent night footage I already had probably half of it filmed. Plus a night part for a space themed product is a no brainer. A lot of the time during the summer a few of us would get off work at ten, meet up at Austin’s around 10:30, then ride until the wee hours of the morning. It’s nice because the temperature drops to a cool ninety degrees. Having a camera light is pretty essential in Arizona since it’s so damned hot. Most of us are more about filming lines rather than single clips so we don’t even need to use a generator and lights. The only exception is propping up a second camera light if the spot is especially dark.

“Once summer comes around we all become nocturnal.”

What can we expect to see you in first, a new PROTO full length or a new Peachy full length?

We aren’t totally sure when Flacid Flop is coming out, but I’m thinking it will be before the new PROTO video which is planned for the end of this year. I am a little concerned about releasing two full length parts in under a year (three if you count the Cosmos edit) but I’ll just have to work harder to make sure I have enough for both videos.

Everyone was surprised when they saw rail tricks and multiple whips from you in Armageddon, and now with the most recent part your riding has taken an urban direction. Is there anything new you are working on for your next part?

My next part – well, parts – will probably keep going in the same direction as my Cosmos edit. The urban, sidewalk line style of riding looks better than anything else so I’m going to keep going for that. We’ve all been talking about exploring other towns in Arizona for more spots, mainly the small mining/ghost towns that are littered all over thanks to copper and gold mining. These towns are almost all built on hillsides so they have some very unique spots. That and the usual trips to California and wherever else. But definitely sticking with the sidewalk lines because, come on, I’m not the guy going out to film on the double set.

Notable Peachy Edits

Peachward: The Movie


I left my wallet in a peach tree

Also check out Cole Ginters youtube channel which has full length iPhone movies of the crew.