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Ollie’s Competition

I was surprised when I heard about a scooter competition at Ollieʼs Skatepark in Florence, Kentucky. I had been going to that skatepark since I was a kid and never saw any scooter riders there. I had no idea anybody rode scooters in the area and did not think that anybody would come from far to attend. When I found out that the people from the Tilt house in Mokena, Illinois were driving all the way there, I knew I had to come. The crew was Jona Humbel, Tom Kvilhaug, Justin Lacosse, Dylan Becker, Spencer Steed, Brian Amato, and myself.

The whole crew consisted of the exact opposite of competition riders. We all stayed at Spencerʼs house. His parents were incredibly hospitable while cooking meal after meal for us. We didnʼt do much street riding since we had limited time in the area and it rained for a day. We went to some skateparks and rode a backyard mini ramp.

The competition was much more laid back than any other competition I have been to before. This is because there werenʼt top pros there fighting for the world trophy. James Shaheen who is a local rider from Kentucky put the competition together and ran it smoothly. Hopefully there will be another competition next year because this one was by far my favorite competition I have been to.

We rode a strangely designed skatepark in Hamilton, Ohio and Justin Lacosse made the best of it.

I always wondered who would be the first to get to the top of this thing. Tom Kvilhaug rolled in and this was the first thing he started doing.

Jona Humbel was not feeling the park.

We got a random phonecall to ride this kids backyard mini ramp in Hamilton, Ohio. It turned out to be a fun mini. Jona Humbel was riding it the hardest.

The Tilt house roommates Tom Kvilhaug and Dylan Becker deep in conversation.

James Shaheen did a great job announcing and organizing. Thanks James!