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We’ve Made A Euge Mistake Interview

Conor Davidson, Evan Larson, and Chase Robertson got together in Eugene, Oregon and made this park and street video. It stands out from the multitude of regular park edits because of the unique editing and riding. There’s always a bigger story to a video than just the riding, so I had a few questions for Conor, Evan, and Chase.


Conor Davidson

Are there any stories to share from the weekend that werenʼt in the video? It doesnʼt have to be scooter related.

I go to the University of Oregon, which is in Eugene. Neither Evan or Chase go to school, so sometimes they shoot me some college jokes. Whatever, no hard feelings. But before even getting to Eugene, Evan and Chase were already fuckin’ around asking about which frat we’re gonna hit and the amount of beer we’re gonna consume. I’m not a huge partier, but I just moved into a new place and I’m definitely not opposed to throw’n a banger. The first night was chill, we just seshed a park, ate some burgers and chilled out to be ready for a full day of filming. But the next day Chase and Evan were still super eager to party “college style” so me and my roommates (Micheal and Nathan) invited a bunch of people for the night. After riding/filming all day, we consumed a fair bit of whiskey/beer and waited for everybody to come over. Next thing we know, we got a ton of friends over, Chase is beyond hammered, Evan’s drunkenly hitting the handrail outside my house on a B-model. Micheal, Nathan, and I all play music so we started jamming at 1:30AM. Not smart, cause some neighbor calls in a noise complaint. Chase threw up for a solid hour, Evan ordered a pizza and passed out before eating a slice. All in all, it was terrific, besides pissing off the neighbors and Chase being more hungover than anybody ever. However, a few days after we get an eviction notice in the mail for repeated noise complaints…not cool. Fortunately we settled it with the landlord today (October 15th), but it definitely scared the shit out of all of us. Huge success, would/will do it again!

The editing with the time lapses made the video stand out. I know you are good at video editing so do you always strive to make even less serious videos than this one as well done?

Definitely. I find that when there’s a lot of pressure on the project the results tend to be not quite as good. When there’s a relaxed atmosphere and no pressure on the results of the video, I think of better/more out-of-the-box ideas. Also, since owning a VX2100, I’ve thought of a lot of different filming/in-camera-production techniques that I hadn’t thought of when using Tilt’s and other homies cameras.

I remember talking to you about the guys from Portland coming to Eugene and you said they never did, even though it was so close. Was this the first time they came to see you? Do you think they will come back?

Yea I always gave Evan shit cause he never came down to Eugene. This was, in fact, the first time they came down. Immediately Evan was like “why didn’t I come down in the past? This is so chill!” haha. It’s all good, I’m sure they’ll be back soon. Actually all the phoenix dudes (Evan, Dan, Ryan, Brandon, and Cooper) stopped at Springfield, one of the parks in the video, on the way down to Epic last weekend for a quick shred/Jimmy Johns pit spot. I think they’re coming down this weekend (October 18-20) too, potentially with Erik as well.

    “Why didn’t I come down in the past? This is so chill!”    

Evan Larson

Chase Robertson

How did the trip go in terms of it being a fun time and successful?

It was a very successful trip as well as being super fun. Usually when Chase, Connor and myself ride we always talk about filming a little weekend montage, but never actually happens until this weekend rolled around. Connor usually comes up so this was our first time down to Eugene to ride, which was exciting riding new parks and spots.

Landing backwards in real transition is tough, are you comfortable doing it?

Yes and no, it really just depends on what the transition is like. I try to land in it as much as I can, not a huge fan of landing flat on stuff like that.

How did the skateparks and street spots compare to the ones you ride frequently in Portland?

Its cool because there are so many skateparks in such a close proximity, all of which were new to Chase and myself. A lot of transition parks that were not built the best but still a good time trying to find creative things to do. As for how the spots go, we only ended up riding a couple spots. Seemed like things were more spread out so we couldn’t not really just park and ride from spot to spot like we can in the city, but the spots we ended up riding were really unique and fun for sure.

Those sideburns are rad. Did you grow them to be a heavy metal bowl slayer?

Totally, ever since I let ‘em grow in I’ve had this unquenchable thirst for gnarly concrete bowls and PBR.

From the video it seems that you prefer transition. Is this accurate?

Kinda, if I’m at a park I just want to cruise a bowl as fast as I can. Most of the skaters in Oregon are known for being crazy bowl shredders and I always wanted to tap that vein with my scooter. I love riding spots in this city though, especially when people are in town to ride. Not much can beat that.

This video was made because all of you love riding scooters. Was it ever stressful trying to land a trick for the video?

No not really, it was more about getting out to a new city to ride, hang with friends and make new ones. No one was sweatin’ about getting footage, we just wanted to get some fun clips and have a good time. I think it turned out better than we first expected actually, which is rad.