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Kyle Arnholt – SR Full Part

When I was a teenager I grew up riding Westerville skate park with Kyle Arnholt. He is only seventeen now, so at the time he was eleven. I realized this recently and was in awe at the fact that he was an actual child when I saw him do the impressive tricks back then. He was always good, just too young to take on trips. As I grew up I stopped riding Westerville skate park frequently. Whenever I came back he was still there, with more tricks.

I started riding street with him and realized that he wasn’t just good at the skate park. A year ago Josh Smukal started filming him. It originally started out as an idea for a local Columbus video, but Josh wasn’t sure what it was going to be used for. Josh started showing me Kyle’s footage and Kyle started coming out on trips and sessions. This is when I decided that Kyle was severely lacking recognition for his talent. He had short videos he put out, but the production quality combined with ability of riding wasn’t there to have anyone notice him in the sea of good riders.

Early on when Kyle was focusing on this part I knew that photo coverage would be important. I started shooting him on all the sessions. He is one of those riders that gets every trick he films within five tries. It almost seems too easy, as if he could do something better, but when you review the footage it is tricks that would take people hours. In hopes of having the scooter community to recognize one of the Midwest’s most under rated riders, I am proud to present Kyle Arnholt.

Kyle hangs on a rail avoiding the death drop on the other side.

In between rain showers and mud puddles Kyle front boarded.

Board pop over out of the pit.

As usual the attempts were short and the trick was landed.

Luckily this house was abandoned because the low rails on the porch were a perfect rail hop.

Many pros have been to this rail in Cincinnati, Ohio but this was the first time it had been done, and with a bar spin in.

Last time we were at this bump to bar the owners threw water out of a window onto us. After that we went back every time only to find a parked car blocking the landing. This day we checked and the car was gone, and no water was thrown.

After a hard loop out to the tailbone Kyle landed the double heel whip.

Always good to see Dylan Becker on sessions.

Between tries in Chicago Kyle had to wait for the wind to die down. This spot was in between buildings creating a wind tunnel that would blow him off the bench.

After editing photos and video from a year, I realized that the Thrasher hoodie is probably Kyle’s favorite.

Josh Smukal did a great job with the filming of this part. Ninety percent of the footage was him behind the lens.

This pyramid spot was built as a skatepark years ago. The construction was so crude that it almost looks like a street spot.

Hidden gems like this ledge spot under a bridge always happen when we go to cities we don’t know much about. Kyle grinds to 180 over the rail in Cleveland.