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Kirelta Siimoja (Fin Scoot) DVD Review

Fin Scoot is a scooter shop in Helsinki, Finland. First, before I watched the video I looked up where the hell that was. I looked on the case and saw a bunch of overlaid fish. Who would know this was a scooter video? I was ready to see some new riders that I had never heard of before, and see Helmeri destroy it as usual.

The video is a refreshing taste of spots that only these people have ridden. Some of the spots were those ones you see in videos and assume they are skateparks but they arenʼt. Everybody had a fun vibe, they did tricks that werenʼt the gnarliest, but they were creative and just made you want to go ride a scooter. I look forward to seeing more of this crew, and I hope they add more people to it.


Although I couldnʼt understand the language they were speaking in, it seemed funny. Some dead guy floating by them in the water. I knew I was in for a lost in translation viewing experience. After that it was a fast paced short riding montage of everyone with really gnarly clips and bails.

Antti Karppinen

This guy needs a bigger scooter. He did some fast plants that were rad and itʼs hard to make that trick look good. I have never seen a fast plant wall ride but now I want to go try one. His 5050s are on lock, both ways. He also rode off roofs of all types, including ones in playgrounds.

Oliver Teder

High speed destroy everything ATV riding style. The camera man usually couldnʼt keep up to him because he was hauling so much. Heʼs not limited to pavement, he rides rocks and grass in his part. This might get repetitive, but he needs a bigger scooter.

Otto Markjarvi

Definitely the most technical so far. Heʼs got some quick moves with lines where he lands a trick and then instantly jumps again to go for another trick. The lines are creative and fast paced at those spots you wouldnʼt know what to do when you got there. All the tranny and banks he rides are super steep but he tackles it.

Helmeri Pirinen

Itʼs so fitting that in the intro of his part Helmeri is falling into water because the first time anyone ever saw him was in Razor RVM when he jumped a stair set and rolled off the dock into the water. He makes scootering look incredibly fun. Somehow with one push he glides down a double kink rail.


The usual hijinx of going out and riding street. Some guy tries to walk down stairs with roller blades and doesnʼt get hurt somehow. In the end someone in holding an enormous fish.

Bonus Montage

Another full eleven minutes of quality footage. It is park footage, street footage out takes, and paris dissidence trip footage.



Production Value60
Riding Ability60
Overall 75%

Overall 80%: I throughly enjoyed it, I just want it to be longer so more! Production Value 60%: For it being a homie video the quality of filming is on par. Just friends filming friends with the camera. Nothing to hold to the standards that huge companies have, but itʼs fine for itʼs purpose. Riding Ability 60%: Not the technically hardest tricks in here, but it was innovative in the creativeness of the tricks. Soundtrack 100%: Everyone's song fit perfectly. Each song was consistent with the fun vibe of the video.