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Honey and Jenkem – Peachy Crew Full Length

The upload date of the first video on the Peachy YouTube channel is one year ago. Only one year ago they started the crew which would reach the level it is now, premiering an amazing full length video here on Scooter Resource. I have ridden with these guys in Arizona, California, and Illinois. They are always down to ride and film at any time. With a zero budget mentality they have managed to produce this video. None of them even have sponsors and they definitely didnʼt have a budget for the movie. They had a goal and they made it happen by whatever means needed. Trends are set by crews like this because they have reached the level of being able to influence masses in the scooter world. They worked very hard on this video by saving footage and traveling all over. Full length videos on the internet are not dead. This video deserves your full attention. I interviewed the main people I think of when I think of Peachy: Austin Corbett the filmer, Cole Ginter, and Collin Niesen. All of them have full parts along with a Dylan Kasson and Alex Steadman shared part, Sam Young full part, and Gerren Ford full part.

Photo Credit: Matt Valley

Cole Ginter

Who thought of the crew name Peachy?

Sam young aka samsung aka sum yung first mentioned it in an iPhone group chat. We all came to an agreement and just like that, peachy was born.

You have released almost three parts in one year. What makes you keep going?

It’s fun. There is nothing better than getting a clip at some crazy ditch spot then watching it and just getting hyped.

Why is riding in Arizona different than other places?

There’s no weather for the most part, except for obviously the heat during the summer months. There are also tons of ditches which I have grown to love.

Why do you wear tie dye shirts constantly?

I love a big comfy t-shirt. Especially a big comfy tie dye t-shirt. I like the color patterns and they just feel the best to ride in.

Are you happy with your part?

Yeah pretty much. I wanted to let my clips come naturally instead of calling out clips in my head. I try to make the most out of every spot. That ended up working to my advantage because these clips show my real potential.

Photo Credit: Matt Valley

Austin Corbett

Itʼs always cool when the filmer has a part. How do you balance riding and filming?

I’ve always had an interest in film since I started riding so I’m pretty used to being the filmer. Sometimes it can be hard trying to get clips when your responsible for filming everyone else too. I really wanted to have a good part but sometimes I would get easily discouraged, so it just took some more pushing myself to get the clips I wanted.

Why are full lengths still important?

Full lengths really give people something to remember. There’s just something amazing about seeing a group of friends dedicate years of effort for one single video just for the love of the sport, nothing else. Seeing it all come together makes me realize why we do what we do.

The title is an oxymoron, honey is very sweet, and jenkem is well, the exact opposite. How did you come up with it?

Basically one night after a sesh at the skatepark, Collin, Cole, Sam, Noah (Coles brother), and myself were chillin in Coles backyard trying to think of a name for the full length and none of us could decide. So we asked Noah to say two random words that came to mind and the first thing he said was “Honey & Jenkem”. We all thought it was hilarious and decided right there that it was going to be the name.

Do you have any plans for Peachy other than filming more videos? Can we expect something like apparel?

We’ve been so focused on H&J that we haven’t had much else going on other than stickers. But be on the look out for Peachy shirts in the future and possibly a new addition to the crew once H&J is finished.

Are you Happy with your part?

I would say I’m pretty happy with it. I was hindered a bit from filming due to injuries which always sucks and makes me feel like my part isn’t as good as it could’ve been. You can’t dwell in the past so I’m proud of what I did get to film.

Collin Niesen

You lurk scootering and skateboarding on the internet heavily. What are you most influenced by?

I guess I am mostly influenced by skating. Most scooter riders take Scootering too serious and think of it as a sport by trying to learn every trick possible.

Why do you choose the simple trick selection approach?

I find it more fun to go fast and do the tricks I am good at rather then trying insane tricks.

How long have you been filming this video?

We started filming around February of this year.

You are the youngest one in the crew. Is it frustrating still being in high school and wanting to go on trips all the time?

Not really, because my mom is chill and lets me miss school to go on the trips. But it is annoying trying to plan trips around my school schedule.

Are you happy with your part?

Yes, it is hard for me to make a bad part since I am so good at scootering.