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Hella Good Stuff DVD Review

Hella Good Stuff is a full-length DVD representing the rapidly growing Bay Area scooter scene. Starring the top riders in the area; Patrick Nguyen, David Coe, Trevor Crowell, Danila Popov, Matt Tyler, Ryan Myers, Aaron Ngo, Anton Abramson, Andrew Haag, Jake Sorensen, and Kevin Closson. Produced by Hella Grip and Concrete Crew.

Compared to the amount of time, effort, and money everybody put into this DVD to make it happen, they are never going to break even, so for you to spend only five dollars to view two years of their hard work isn’t much to ask. Hella Good Stuff is now available online and in-stores! Go buy this DVD.


A traditional intro packed with hill bombs, views of the Bay Area, outtakes, laughs, and bails to finish it off. Did I mention Ryan Myers jumps into the Bay? This intro will build hype for the succeeding 13 parts.

Patrick Nguyen

There was no better choice than Patrick Nguyen for opener part. Everyone, including myself, has been eager to see footage of him. This is Patrick’s first video part ever and he set the bar high, literally. Patrick has the highest hops by far in the Bay Area. I’m looking forward to seeing more video parts from Patrick.

David Coe

The hills and the classic spots of San Francisco are essential for a Bay Area full-length. David Coe showcased San Francisco to the best of his ability in his part. This is the best hill bomb footage to date.

Trevor Crowell

I had no idea Trevor Crowell was going to have a full part, but I’m glad he did. Trevor is fairly unknown as of right now. However, this part should put him on the radar. Trevor’s whip to bar and heel rewind variations are really impressive.

Danila Popov

This was a part I was looking forward to watching after I viewed the trailer. Danila Popov is a smooth operator on and off the scooter. I’m stoked on his clip at that rail hop to steep sidewalk spot. Riding down that sidewalk is a battle itself.


Since this is strictly a Bay Area full-length, they didn’t accept footage outside of the Bay Area. You had to either live in the Bay Area or visit them to take part in the friends section. I thought it was noteworthy that Johan Grunwald and Zakarias Krogh from Denmark toured through San Francisco and filmed with the crew.

Matt Tyler

Matt Tyler has been around since the beginning. His original tricks and fast-paced style made this part really enjoyable. Matt shows his District V2i deck no mercy.

Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers is an all-round rider, who can ride any spot with ease. He has the ideal trick for each spot that crosses his path. This part does full justice to Ryan’s riding ability.

Aaron Ngo

Aaron Ngo has an important handful of tricks that makeup his part, such as wall rides, finger whips, 180 bars, downsides and 180 whips. I have to say though that despite this part, Aaron should broaden his horizons for future video parts.

Anton Abramson

There’s always at least one part in a full-length that has manual madness written all over it and Anton Abramson takes the cake. Anton has lines and combos for days. It’s intriguing to see the filmer on the other side of the camcorder.

Hella Grip

As a result of this being a Bay Area-based full-length, the Hella Grip section excluded half of their homies. However, it included Austin Almonte, Eric Ostrom, Ronald “Big Ron” Sharpe, George Justiniano, Zack Martin, Georgie Louis, Addison McNaughton, and Logan Fuller. I’m “hella juiced” on this section.

Andrew Haag

Andrew Haag’s part might just be the most entertaining. It keeps building and getting more intense until the final curtain. This part displays just how much talent is charging through his feet. Hag’s been in the game since ’01.

Jake Sorensen

I was expecting Jake Sorensen to have the last part, but second to last part works just as well. This part is heavy from start to finish. Jake is on another level and he knows it.

Kevin Closson

Kevin Closson battled through each and every spot, especially the Wallenberg Four to earn the last part. If you don’t know Kevin, you will be a fan of him after watching this part.


Traditional bloopers, behind the scenes footage, and credits where credit is due.

Photos by Anton Abramson, Aaron Ngo, Matt Tyler, Chase Robertson, Will Cashion, Jonathan Verducci, and David Coe.



Production Value85
Riding Ability100
Overall 95%

Overall 95%: This DVD will make you want to go ride. Production Value 85%: The video production, for the most part, was on point. The main videographer, Anton Abramson, primarily used a DSLR, along with an HVX to film Hella Good Stuff. The footage was properly timed with the beat of the music and the color correction was excellent. Kevin Closson designed the titles with his graffiti artistry. That was a nice touch. They also had introductory skits for each part. I hope to see more of that creativity in DVDs or videos in general. Riding Ability 100%: The tricks in this DVD are pushing the boundaries of modern street riding. Soundtrack 100%: Everyone's song fit perfectly. Each song was consistent with the fun vibe of the DVD.