Arvada skatepark, CO.

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    An overview of the Arvada skateark

    Only a third of the skatepark seen in this picture.

    Here's a simple review of the Arvada skatepark, this will cover the basic features and specs (Time it was finished/opened, people per day, location ect.)

    The Arvada skatepark was built in the spring of 2011 and finished in mid-spring of 2012. since then the fencing around the park has been removed and it has been sufficiently shredded. Many skaters complain that there are too many scooter kids there so make sure you watch your line for an open spot, don't let them have a reason to blame you. Located at 12920 W. 72nd Avenue, it's hard to miss.

    **WARNING** Bikers are allowed! usually they do not ride brakes and/or chains! A bike hurts A LOT if it hits you!

    (NOTE: The "Official" rules for the skatepark are stupid, but can be viewed <-- Here)

    I would HIGHLY suggest getting there early, as some of the park features can get crowded by little kids or natives. Suggested time of arrival: 7:30AM. Some of the transitions can be a little steep, but if you ride Colorado parks a lot it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Here are most of the pictures from a different site, the park is mainly street with some park thrown in, but in all it feels like an equal balance.
    A couple banked jersey barriers.
    An on the ground view of the long bowl.
    A five stair, and straight down rail. on the sides there are two park rails, no the far one is not a banked ledge, it is just a bank. In the background there IS a banked ledge, next o a four stair.

    Overall i would HIGHLY recommend stopping by this park if you are ever in or near Arvada, the weather is always beautiful, but bring plenty of water. I have not seen a water fountain withing a reasonable distance.

    Overall 10/10, one of the best parks i have ever been to. Well designed, big, with a TON of features, and there is something for everyone.

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