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The Florida Ride Video Trailer

Olivia Monks has been hard at work filming for the past two years, along with the whole Florida Ride Crew putting in blood and sweat riding in front of her lens. The results of her work are finally coming to an end, and a final product. This full length video is called The Florida Ride Video.
Full parts from Jona Humbel, Todd Duff, Chandler Marshall, Michael Hohmann, Marcus Davis, Brian Noyes, Frankie Hammer, and Joe Calzon. I asked Olivia a few questions, and she put together a trailer to get our viewing audience excited about this amazing full length video that is going to come out.

Olivia Monks Interview

How has filming been going so far?

It’s been a really long winding path. It’s really stressful to go out and film a full video, not just parts for a group of people, it’s a lot different. You have to make a video fit together a certain way so people continue to watch on, and be able to keep watching it, as well as over and over again. The work to get clips for 7 people in two years is a lot. It takes a 1 filmer and a rider about a year to film a really good part, for the full video think about that times 7 when not everyone can get clips that fast. There are days where we can go out and not get anything, just a bunch of clips of spots no one could land, then there are days when everyone gets at least one clip, that is a day well done.
But in the making of filming this video we were able to meet people that we call florida ride. Chandler and Marcus were just able to squeeze in a few friends clips last january when we dropped a part from each rider, now they are both filming full parts. Brian Moved here from Massachusetts summer time of last year, and Jona didn’t start filming for a part till this past winter, but we all fit with each other, and everyone’s trick range and style is so vast and good that it is making this videos one of the most fun stressful things i will ever make.


Now that we know the expected release date, does this make you nervous to finish?

So nervous, some people have close to 3 minutes of footage and some are barley pushing two minutes, so yeah I’m nervous but with summer here and finishing up school, there is nothing stopping us from getting it done and i know it will be.

Now that filming is almost completed do you feel like you have an enormous weight off your shoulders?

I don’t think the weight will be off my shoulders, until i get off my flight in California on june 29th, and see the video posted. I know that we will be filming down to the last week, so i feel like i have more weight on my shoulders now, then ever before, at the begging we planned on a year video thinking that it would be enough time. Now we are still filming, over a year and a half later, its not as much time as you think.

Is this video going to stand out from other full lengths?

Thats my goal. videos are not done well in scootering a lot of them lack a lot of production value, it’s not always about the riding its about the scenery, and what happens when your not riding, and i hope to be able to incorporate that in to the video. My other look on it is that no one takes the time to film an HD video, a lot of its slapped together, and i hope that i can change that. On top of the gnarliest street riding in Florida.

What can we expect from this video?

A really enjoyable video to watch with completely different riding from each person. Everyone has a different style, and does different tricks. Your going to see riding from Florida that you didn’t really even think existed.

The online premiere for The Florida Ride Video is June 29th, right here on SR. Judging from what Olivia said this will not be one to miss.