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Florida Ride Interview

Florida Ride is a crew based around the Sarasota, Florida area. The crew was started by Olivia Monks who is the filmer. The riders in the crew are Chandler Marshall, Todd Duff, Joe Calzon, Marcus Davis, Jona Humbel, Michael Hohmann, and Brian Noyse. The crew has been gaining momentum lately with their release of the first Florida Ride video a year ago, and by some people in the crew getting on notable companies. They have been working on the second full length Florida Ride video for over a year now with the release date set around spring of 2014.

Their goal is to improve upon the first Florida Ride video, and show Floridaʼs finest scootering. While I was there with them, they had the mentality that people have when they are filming for a high profile team full length. Their desire to go out and get trick after trick puts them well on their way to finishing the video. Doomed by the geography of Florida being completely flat, they make do with the spots they are given. They arenʼt spoiled by perfect spots so everyone is an ATV rider. When this video comes out, itʼs going to put a couple new faces on the list of people that companies are seeking out.

Florida Ride Interview

We had to dodge some rain to get this photo but they all were super cooperative and even sat in puddles, champs!

Florida Ride 2013 Trailer

Joe Calzon front feebles the remnants of steps leading to a house.

Michael Hohmann always in full speed mode, getting a running start.

Jona Humbel front boards at the beginning of a line he got way too quick for how difficult it is, as usual.

Jonaʼs scooter fell apart so he took mine and did this whip into manual.

Florida Ride 2012

Michaelʼs trick selection made for one of my favorite photographs of the trip.

This spot was at an abandoned go kart track. It was a weaving pathway through a tropical jungle.

Michael boosts the smoothest DIY quarter I have ever ridden.

Michael is in a rare position (not riding).

Olivia and Michael check out a trick that Joe just landed.