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  • Forum Changes!

    By admin on April 2, 2013
    As you may have already noticed, we have implemented password protection on all forums. This is an effort to deter the large amount of spam you guys have seen lately while browsing. At the end of every forum description you’ll find the password in parenthesis that like this: (pass = some password). If you have any questions, PM any member […]
  • PROTO Catalyst 2010 – Individual parts

    By admin on March 29, 2013
    All Catalyst is online now (again) but also split up so you can just watch your favorite rider’s part. Following are the parts from all the current team riders. Discuss here!
  • Gus Rymer on Madd Gear

    By admin on September 12, 2012
    Why are you reading this? That’s time you could be spending watching the video!
  • Jake Clark Envy Scooters Web Edit

    By admin on September 7, 2012
    Jaws on floor Motivation to ride at max. I won’t spoil anything, but if you haven’t seen this yet, you’re missing out for sure.
  • Kids That Rip scooter camp

    By admin on March 8, 2012
    Kids That Rip, originally just a skateboard park and camp in Arizona, is now allowing scooters for open sessions and offering camp for scooters. Next week (March 12th to 16th) is the first session so check it out! This camp has bred some insane skateboarders (like the youngest skater to compete on the Megaramp) so they really know what they’re […]
  • SOTM February 2012 WINNER: Nico Scooter

    By kayvan,Nojoumi on March 2, 2012
    Addict deck Maxime Legrand. Bar RAW (handmade) Here! Proto SCS Blue Lucky SMX Fork Blue Phoenix Integra Wheels purple. Animal Delarosa Blue Mini Logo Bearings Twenty Integrated Headset
  • SOTM January 2012 winner: Ashley1994

    By kayvan,Nojoumi on February 1, 2012
    Cult grips French ID bars PROTO wheels FSA headset VertX smx PROTO scs District deck
  • Scooter Con 2012 a.k.a. SD6 – January 7, 2012

    By admin on January 3, 2012
    The date has been set for awhile but not many details have been released about it until now… The sixth annual San Diego scooter competition which has become on of the largest and longest running events in the history of our industry is now transitioning to something much more… the first International Freestyle Scooter Convention, Industry Trade Show & Competition. […]
  • Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays from PROTO scooters!

    By admin on December 26, 2011
    After hitting 10,000 Facebook page LIKES just in time for Christmas 2011, PROTO scooters now presents their 2010 team video to you for FREE.  All that they ask is that you ENJOY it and SHARE it to as many people as you can!  Easy! THE PROTO VIDEO. Andrew Broussard Brandon Kilbury Brian Murphy Dylan Kasson Elmer Ferrieras Alex Steadman Chema […]
  • Merry Christmas from the staff at Scooter Resource!

    By kayvan,Nojoumi on December 25, 2011
    Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter solstice or whatever else is celebrated today too!