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Cameron Poe Trendkill/PROTO Video Part Interview

I first saw Cameron Poe ride a scooter on a visit to Woodward. His ability and consistency stood out so much that I talked to Andrew Broussard about getting him on PROTO. Andrew was working on assembling an amateur team at the time so Cameron was perfect for it.

The amount of footage Cameron produces never stops. He progresses so fast that in this latest video I saw almost all new tricks I have never seen him do. I wanted to figure out how Cameron Poe is such a footage maniac.

Cameron, you are always putting out footage. Are you constantly filming or doing it in intense periods of time and then relaxing?

I usually do it in intense periods of time, Filming after school and on the weekends, pretty much any time I have the opportunity to ride a good spot.

I am seeing mostly inland empire spots and Santa Clarita spots. For some people it is hard to film a whole video in one area. Are there a lot of spots in these areas or do you have to get creative?

My area is mostly suberbs, with little spots, so I have to get creative and just look for new things to ride. But I donʼt mind that much, because my mind is always thinking of new clips I could get with the stuff I have close to me. But at times it does get frustrating.


“As long as you love scootering, are a nice person, and you ride hard, it can take you a long way.”

This video is to promote PROTO. How is your relationship with the company going?

It is going well. Andrew is a really nice guy and gives me awesome parts to ride. Iʼm excited to be a part of the next proto project, whenever that may be.


You are young, yet riding at the level of most pro riders, what can you tell young people about getting noticed?

To me, riding my scooter is so much. You canʼt worry about getting sponsored, or what other people are doing. As long as you love scootering, are a nice person, and you ride hard, it can take you a long way. Just never stop enjoying it, because thatʼs why you started riding in the first pace.

I don’t feel like I have to ask this question because I think I know the answer, but are you working on anything new after this video?

Haha. At the moment I am chilling. But once I get a satisfying clip, Ill have the urge to start a whole new project.