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Back Drop Out Slimming Tutorial

Have you ever felt like your scooter was unbalanced? When you do a tail whip the back tends to dip towards the ground before you catch it? This is because the back dropouts are too heavy. With some power tools and a little finesse, you can solve this problem. I am doing this tutorial on a TSI Threshold, but the same technique can apply on any almost square back deck such as a PROTO deck.

When you cut the back, there will be less surface to balance on for hurricanes. There will be less material to hold up for feebles, so the dropouts wonʼt last as long. For me, this is not a problem compared to the weight balance and weight loss you gain, but if this is a concern think twice about cutting your $200+ deck.

Start by taking everything off your deck. It makes it much harder to work on if you have bars waving everywhere. Your back wheel, front wheel, and fork need to come off so the deck can sit flat. The only thing that can stay on is the brake. When you do this the metal will heat up and possibly melt your grip tape. Keep this in mind before freshly gripping your scooter.

Mark off where you want to make your cuts. You can have any angle you want according to how much width on the very back you want to leave. You should leave a bit of material on the back or else feebles will not lock in.

Make the two cuts. Make sure you follow the line straight. Try to leave more room than take off too much material, because you can always sand it down later.

I used a vertical metal bandsaw, but if you don’t have access to one of these you can use an angle grinder with a cutting blade.

Cut one and two are finished. The general shape is established, now for the fine shaping.

The finishing touches will be done with a metal wheel sander. If you donʼt have access to one of these, you can use an angle grinder with a grinding blade.

Itʼs all about the finesse, take your time and let the shape appear.

Make sure you round off the very back edges. If you donʼt, you could cut your hand on a tail grab or finger whip.

Put your scooter back together and go ride!
Enjoy the weight loss!