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About The Scooter Resource

What is it?

The Scooter Resource (SR) is the largest and oldest freestyle scooter community and information hub for the freestyle scooter industry on the Internet to date.  Launched in 2003, SR is and has been on an unwavering mission to inform and expand the sport of freestyle scooter riding across the globe; a mission that persists indefinitely.


It is hard to say how long scooters have actually been around but some of the earliest official design patents date as far back as the early 1920’s. As a result of advancements in technology, materials and design, modern day freestyle scooters have become far lighter, stronger and more compact than any of their predecessors.

In 1999 the scooter world was revolutionized when a Taiwanese Mechanical Engineer and owner of JD Corporation based out of Taiwan by the name of Gino Tsai facilitated the introduction of the modern day “Razor” scooter to the world.  The Sharper Image in the United States was the first dealer to pick up on the new craze and before long they could not keep up with the demand and at one point had “Razor” brand scooters backordered up to six months.

Just like all mainstream trends, scooters, for the purpose of easy portable transportation, came to an end but not everyone quit for the next best fad. Some enthusiasts continued riding their scooters and began pushing the limitations of their equipment and their physical ability inspired by other action sports of the time.  Whatever their reasons might have been, either for the sheer fun of it or just because they wanted to take part in something brand new and revolutionary, there is no doubt that these early riders were solely responsible for propelling the sport through it’s infancy and building the foundation for the industry to come.

These people were few and far between so in an attempt to keep in touch with one another paired with the development of free online forums or message boards, small online communities started to spring up where individuals could come to discuss new tricks or riding styles and to share pictures and videos as well as ways to modify and reinforce their scooters to better suit this new freestyle environment. With zero industry backing, poor organization and constant pressure from rivaling action sports participants, each of these communities only lasted a short while until they were abandoned forcing their followers to seek out or create new venues on their own as a safe haven and a common ground to bring everyone back together again.  As soon as one community would die two more would spring to life. These were the early days of The Scooter Resource.

In January 2003 The Scooter Resource was born seeing the need for a website that could effectively centralize the sport and provide endless information about it to anyone interested; riders and industry alike.  Over the years SR has undergone many changes and has experienced its ups and downs through countless attempts to compensate for the growth of the industry and to best serve the needs of its users.  With the new insurgence of social media, social networking and what is now commonly referred to as “Web 2.0”, the Internet itself is a fundamentally different place than it was when SR began.  No longer are the days of message boards that can only be checked from your home computer when wireless Internet and mobile computing devices accompany everyone everywhere with live streaming feeds of endless information at the touch of a fingertip.

In this new age of technology, in order to stay relevant, The Scooter Resource had to evolve like everything else or be forgotten in the archives of the Internet.  With its original objective of being the premiere resource of information for the scooter community as its driving force, SR has now placed substantial emphasis on its in-house, rider-generated, “exclusive” content consisting of rider/company interviews, product/video/event reviews, articles/editorials and media as well as a live video feed showcasing all of the latest, greatest and inspiring video productions from riders around the world and an industry section which allows companies to likewise showcase news and updates for their respective brands to gain exposure within the industry while supporting the SR aim of helping the industry itself to gain exposure in the mainstream through these endeavors.

In the decade following the introduction of the “Razor” scooter we witnessed unprecedented growth with an influx of riders, companies, competitions and sanctioning bodies in an industry which many critics questioned its sustainability.  This growth along with the advancements and impermanence of social media led to sizable dilution of information in the industry making it difficult for individuals and brands to locate relevant information.  In order to maintain the sustainability of this industry, The Scooter Resource now proudly offers a centralized event calendar to keep everyone informed on the “Who, What, When, Where, Why” of the sport which all are welcome and encouraged to contribute to.

For those of you who still hold dear the message boards of “Web 1.0”, we still have the original SR Forums here for you for nostalgias sake!